Thursday, January 17, 2013

"I want a penis for Christmas"

That exact phrase came out of Ellen's mouth just after Thanksgiving as we were filling out our Christmas wish lists.

She idolizes Sam and everything he does.  She wants to be just like him.  Having taken baths together, she has noticed the acute differences between his anatomy and hers.  With her perfect 3-year-old logic, she has put together that in order to "boy things", you must have the proper parts, thus her perfectly logical request.  I, of course, refused to put it on the list.  Sorry Ellen, you'll have to stick with the Polly Pockets and cowboy boots you got.

This need to be a boy has also translated into a need for less girly clothes.  It wouldn't bother me, except that  during the summer, she requested lots of skirts that she never ended up wearing and has very few boy-ish clothes because she still loves pink and purple.  There is a battle in our house each morning as we try to get her dressed for the day.  Honestly, sometimes I let her stay in pajamas the whole day through because it's just easier that way.  This morning, Ellen freaked out because "my purple jacket is stupid and puffy" and her pink raincoat has "fuzzy flowers that I don't like" on the inside.  Oh my goodness.  I'm so tired of this battle, so I just gave in. I took her to the store today and we picked out a new jacket from the clearance section of the store - the boy side.  She picked a really cute red jacket and is very happy with it.  Additionally, while we were at Target, we found a couple of zippered pull-overs that were in the exercise clothes section.  Since being "sporty" is being "boyish" she will happily wear them.  Look forward to lots of summer photographs with basketball shorts and hoodies.  You know what, this is okay.  I was a super tomboy as a little girl and I think I had a better childhood for it.

I just wish she would have let me know before I purchased all her winter clothes.

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Mariah said...

Totally. Sammy is all about sport clothes right now. her school shoes, boy section and the workout stuff is 'girl' but she gets the gray and blue stuff.

Andrew's old stuff doesn't fit her (also that they are close in age and fit range by the time he outgrows pj's they are nearly too small for sam).