Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Response - Wear Pants to Church Day

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It is almost 2 am, and as ridiculous as I find this entire “cause”, I find myself without sleep over my reactions and feelings towards this issue.  To allow myself a few hours of peaceful slumber this morning, I feel compelled to at least record my thoughts:

During this latest General Conference, I sustained President Monson as the President and Prophet of this Church.  In addition, I sustained a list of General Authorities as well as Auxiliary leaders.  During no time did I sustain the young women heading the cause labeled “Wear Pants to Church” day.  My first thought and complaint is that these young women and men do not speak for me, nor do they have stewardship over me.  In fact, if they do have stewardship over anyone, it is likely limited to their families and their ward or stake callings.  I am frustrated that these individuals believe that they have  a right to speak for me, or for the female membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  At no time were they given the authority or privilege to speak for us.

Secondly, this is not how things are done within the organization of the Church.  If you have a strong feeling about a problem you are encountering in your local congregations, there is a hierarchical system in which you can address, starting with your bishop, followed by your stake president, and so on.  Another avenue for recourse is through your ward’s Relief Society presidency, on to the Stake level, and so forth.  Additionally, you are always more than welcome to write a letter directly to the First Presidency of the Church.  If you don’t like the system, tough.  You sustained it during the last conference, you are failing to do so now.

Whether or not you feel it is right to wear pants to church is a personal issue.  Why are we attempting to make this an issue to divide the membership of the church?  If I decide to continue to wear a skirt or a dress this Sunday, will I be on the “other side”?  Will I now be judged for not supporting a cause you have deemed to be righteous?  During your explanation of your cause did you not once mention that this was an inspired movement, or that you were prompted by the  Holy Spirit to move forward with your actions.  What a poorly thought-out “movement”. 

Until further word from the Prophet of God, I will not support any cause that seems to set members apart from each other and create a divide that I do not want between myself and other members of my local congregation.


Ashley A. said...

Hi Mitzi! I am also awake in the middle of the night but I suppose mine is mostly pregnancy-related. I have been thinking a lot about this, though, and I appreciate what you said here. My issue with this is the way they are going about it. I don't personally have any issues with the doctrine on this matter and I think all problems tend to be cultural things. So, I don't think it's appropriate to let this disrupt sacrament meeting worship. Anyway, I don't plan on wearing pants either. It doesn't feel like a movement I want to get behind.

MeggyT said...

Mitzi you rock!

Mariah said...

I think its so strange! If you want to wear pants wear pants I know lots of people in my ward that wear pants meh its your thing man. Really I think we should talk about the mismatching denim skirt and no bra wearing. So I purposefully wear a bra to church.